Our Story


From our famously gratifying gourmet burgers, all the way to the glamour and showbiz of the Hollywood shakes of fame, we have a crown that fits everyone.

There’s so much more to King’s Castle than the sophisticated and funky style. If you look beyond the classic ’57 Chevy Belair and delve beyond our castle walls, you’ll see all our ingredients are sourced locally. This not only guarantees the highest quality of food but also your Royal seal of approval.


King’s Castle started from humble beginnings as a small burger joint in Lancashire, influenced by the glamour of the American West Coast. This modest burger joint is now considered royalty and is firmly amongst the finest eateries in the Kingdom. Frequently chosen as the rendezvous for the who’s who of the celebrity world.
Our mission is simple. Make every visit to King’s Castle a Royal event feasting on our mouth-watering and freshly made food all the whilst dining in style.